Basement Renovations in Hamilton

Hamilton Basement Renovations and Additions

Hamilton Basement Renovations are our specialty! We take pride in our portfolio of five years and can’t wait to share our renovation ideas with you. Are you looking to improve your small laundry room or perhaps add an additional bathroom, bedroom, bar, craft room, home theatre or game room in your basement?

For all your needs, let our team get the job done! Basements are no longer just for storage and are great for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family during your annual celebrations and get-togethers.

Opening New Possibilities

It’s time to turn your old cobweb filled rec room into a spectacular cinema for family movie nights or super bowl parties with the boys. Man caves and hobby rooms are also an excellent choice if you want to treat yourself to a secret sanctuary. Our completed projects will inspire you in your next renovation endeavor.

The main reason most families transform their basement in hamilton is to create more space. However, there are many other benefits which come from modernizing your basement. Financial gain is often seen as the biggest of these. If you’re looking to earn additional income, why not transform the empty space into a luxurious apartment. But further to adding value to a house, it can also save money through energy efficiency. If your basement is outdated, drafty, not up to code and in a state of disrepair, don’t wait a moment longer to contact us.

In converting an unused space, you will also improve the overall health of your house. For many people, dampness can be a huge problem for lower rooms. By stopping this at source, it is a huge step in combating the growth of mould and mildew. Even if you simply want more storage space, a basement upgrade can bring far wider improvements.

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Start Your Basement Renovation Today

Choose Honest Renovations to avoid costly repair bills and landlord fines for water damage, fire damage and mould treatment fees. There are several types of additions to choose from such as:

  • Home Gyms or Offices
  • Guest Bedroom or Bathrooms
  • Basement Apartments
  • Children Play Rooms
  • Home Theaters and Fireplaces
  • Pantries & Storages
  • Garage Conversions

Additions are the perfect solution to accommodate your growing family by adding more usable square footage to your home. We can take down or add as many walls you require.

More rooms mean more value for any future real estate sale and having them in pristine condition ensures your family is safe from water leaks, gas leaks and mould which can lead to potentially life-threatening respiratory illnesses. It’s important to us that you and your family enjoys a spacious, mould-free healthy haven that is free of any health hazards.

Cutting through the Red Tape!

For anyone considering a major basement renovation, this could include seeking a building permit. Part of the service we provide includes dealing with such issues. This includes:

  • Installation of heating systems
  • Installation of plumbing
  • Structural work
  • Environmental improvements
  • Dealing with asbestos issues
  • Changing a buildings use

Based in the Hamilton area, we are highly knowledgeable of all this entails. Whatever your current situation, whatever your aspirations, we can make it all come together. Our in-house experts will clarify and guide you through everything required.

What Flooring Materials Work Best In A Basement?

If you’re worried about your basement because of moisture issues, water damage, or mould build-up, our highly-trained contractors and designers will gladly answer any of your questions regarding preventing these issues, and the best materials for your new and improved basement.

  • Floating floors
    • We can install a moisture barrier between the basement floor and the floating floor
    • This type of flooring can include carpet, vinyl, laminate, tiles, etc.
  • Ceramic tiles
    • Ceramic is a durable, water-resistant material that is also made to look like natural hardwood. Ceramic designs and pattern opportunities are endless.
  • Concrete flooring
    • It may not sound appealing now, but trust us, it can look just as amazing as any other flooring, especially if we add a coat of epoxy paint. Epoxy paint acts as a water-proof sealant and comes in a wide range of colours to enhance the appearance of your basement floor!

Have A Tight Budget?

We’ve been in the business for five years and have a dedicated team of professional tradesmen, contractors, painters, consultants and designers, and our mission has always been to provide a customer satisfaction rating of 100%. While we also strive to provide affordable rates and services, we understand you may still be under a tight budget, especially new homeowners. No need to worry. We’ll always remain completely transparent by answering any of your questions and concerns and also staying well within your budget. Being a new homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities and we highly respect that, so if you have an unfinished basement and aren’t sure which materials will be both affordable and effective, give us a call!

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